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Cafe Click

It doesn't take much to fall in love with the Scottish Highlands. It is as if your eyes are constantly feasting on beauty. The light paints surreal images onto an ever-changing canvas; and the next visual surprise awaits you just around the corner.

You travel from rough mountains, where the eye almost restlessly follows the most bizarre shapes of glacier-formed hills to the long-stretched glens, silvery lochs and white beaches, where it finally can come to rest - the Scottish Highlands have everything.

From landscape and seascape we travel to the urban space to make some 'Discoveries of the Known', as I call them.

Streets and buildings so familiar to you that you hardly notice them anymore, come back to a new life, once you open your eyes again and discard the familiarity. Suddenly they change right in front of your eyes and even the best-known road reveals some hidden gems.

And then, each village, town and city has got something very unique to it, may it be buildings, location, or simply this particular flair you won't find anywhere else.

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ArtBetween is mainly about people within their own history, philosophy and mythology, although not in the way it was all written down.

History, mythology and philosophy are written by winners. My focus is on those who lost.

They have no voices of their own. They have been demonised, humiliated, and finally silenced. I try to give them voices of their own, a history of their own - a truth of their own.

These stories are as true or false as those told by the winners. ArtBetween does neither claim historical nor political correctness - this is the other truth, the truth of those whose home is In(n) Between.

The Myth of No is about dreams - all kinds of dreams; from beauty to nightmare.

For a story I once created 'The City of No', a place like a scrapyard of time, where forgotten memories, lives, and dreams are waiting. The Myth of No visualises these memories, lives, and dreams.

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