Cafe Click is dedicated to my late partner Iorie Iain Everson who died suddenly on 28th February 2007.

Those who knew him will remember him in their own ways, and those who didn't know him might catch a glimpse of him in his photography.

He loved the Scottish Highlands, and this love is reflected in his photographs. This is how he lives on.

I had the privilege to be with him, and he showed me the Scotland he loved. Together we walked through a landscape which catches you and holds you forever.

In Memoriam shows a selection of his photographs, the ones I love most.

Visit the galleries and join me on my journey through the Scottish Highlands. The journey will take you from bizarrely shaped mountains through beautiful glens, along white beaches into towns and villages along the road.

It will take you to frozen lochs right into a landscape of ice and snow; see the morning mist rising and the sun setting over the sea.

Who is remembered lives