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Let me invite you to a journey to In(n) Between - a place where stories meet: stories, which are already part of us - the truths and the lies.

Here they are told again and again. Of power they tell, of ignorance, of betrayal and love. The In(n) is the centre; it exists between the worlds, between the words; it is our memory and it is within our memory.

The In(n) does not move. It is the fixed point in a universe of motion. The stories move - they move and meet; stories with infinite plots, transitory and yet never lost. Memories of people and memories of stories.

They are familiar and yet different.

We all know that history and mythology are written by winners.

The stories at the In(n) are the stories of those who lost. I gave them voices of their own, and now they tell the other truth ...

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I know the secret of the philosopher's stone. I know that there is no secret.