For me, photography is an art form. It is creative; and sometimes it is the beginning of a new story I wish to tell. A photograph creates its own truth and reality through the eye of the photographer. It doesn't simply copy a view. It interprets the view.

It tells my story, my truth, my reality, my point of view, my angle.

When I began to create 'Patterns of Nature' it developed from a random selection into the ordered patterns which evolved. Photography is not only about capturing the whole, it is also about extracting the details, and finding pleasure in discovering the order in apparent randomness.

If there is one thing photography has taught me over the years it is that you can find hidden gems in the most familiar environment. I call them 'Discoveries of the Known.' Houses, squares, buildings we pass every day and which have become so familiar that we pass them by without giving them another glance, all of a sudden will offer somthing new.

ArtBetween occupies a place between photography, digital art and writing. Often a photograph acts as an inspiration and leads the way; occasionally the image dictates the words, and together image and word form a new union.


When still at school, we were made familiar very early with Greek mythology. We never questioned any of it; we were not meant to question it. We were left alone with the stories, which we all took as adventures in far magical lands. We were not taught to de-mythologise mythology. We were not taught to distinguish between history and mythology. They became one. But these stories stayed with me, and finally I had the knowledge and understanding to question them. The result is 'In(n) Between'.

That women are amongst the losers in the Battle of History, Mythology and Philosophy should not surprise anyone; that they were demonized, humiliated and silenced should not come as a shock. History is written by winners.

The stories don't claim historical authenticity. They are as true or false as the ones written by the winners. I offer A truth; I do not claim to offer THE truth.

There are more stories to be told at the In(n) ... I only have to write them down.